All Premium Plans Always Include:

Run all your work from one screen and anywhere

Through an electronic cloud that works on the technology to bring information quickly and review all the latest developments at the same time. Make the work easy and safe and provide the effort and time.

You can also track all tasks and print them for archiving and return them when needed.

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Access the latest daily reports

When you access the system every time you get the latest financial and administrative reports in the main display .

Show all reports related to the registration of new products, purchase orders, receipt of goods, shipment and container arrival time after leaving the export port

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Get alerts and alerts

Through this service, the PIPHA system provides alerts and alerts about the tasks to be implemented such as the dates of delivery of goods, shipping and arrival of containers to the port of customers and other tasks that are manually restricted and also created by the system automatically

You can also get alerts and notes sent by customers and employees as well as suppliers.

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Effective participation and full engagement with customers

A special account has been assigned to your customers who can access it separately and get updated on their business and share items, purchase orders, invoices and more

You can give privacy access to information as desired by your customers

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Firewall and strong database protection

aliyun and tencent the company is working on the security and protection of the system through the techniques of the fortification of information and the Internet, which are these two companies are the world's leading in this area

The system has been registered with the two companies to cover the whole range of any breakthroughs. It is also within the security and protection of Chinese e-government.


Fast data cloud interaction and synchronization

The PIPHA system uses secure, and fast data sharing with users, as well as downloading and uploading files and data.

The work in the program with cloud technology such as work in the Windows system and move in the classification very quickly


Add products placed in the purchase order and shipping invoice

Products can be easily added through the items page and customized to one customer and one supplier and return when needed. Elements can also be grouped into one group

A comprehensive archive of all the items you have added and can be easily searched and sorted to find the desired item


An integrated financial accounting system

BIFA provides an integrated financial accounting system in accordance with generally accepted and generally accepted international accounting standards.

This system is adapted to companies engaged in shipping and export.

Makes accounting and financial work easier and more convenient than other programs. Everyone can use it and understand