About PIPHA Business Cloud

The main idea for the programming and design of the cloud and accounting software has come from the principle of need to lead to invention

With significant progress in international trade and the transfer of a large proportion of its daily business to the use of modern technology. There are a lot of accounting and administrative programs in general and private but they are generally not specialized in the field of shipping and export companies operating as a commercial intermediary between the global markets and wholesale markets and factories and importers wishing to import goods wholesale.

With the emergence of the latest technology reached by the technology (electronic clouds technology), which in turn has caused a significant change for all companies operating in the field of technology, which has become the so-called era of electronic clouds

PIPHA Business Cloud is an accounting management program developed by accountants and programmers of Arabic and Chinese nationality.

Was the urgent need to design and programming an accounting program working with the technology of electronic cloud and specializes in the management of shipping companies and export and meet all their belongings.

We are convinced that companies and individuals using IT are able to move forward and win the largest share of the market. Cloud computing model is really a revolution in IT systems. It is therefore necessary to use new technologies and to create a global community that applies modern management and benefits from the benefits it offers.

Target Market

Thousands of foreign and Chinese companies working in the field of international shipping and export in the world, which take the status of intermediary companies.